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ALBERA vue du ciel
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A family history ...

In the 19th century, our family, originally from Espolla in southern Catalonia, settled in Argelès-sur-Mer to cultivate vines and olive trees at the foot of the Albera Massif, a mountain range towards the eastern end of the Pyrenees which plunges into the Mediterranean.


There, in the heart of the Albera mountains, during our frequent excursions with our father to observe the native fauna and flora or restore the Massane Tower, an ancient guardian of the mountains perched at an altitude of some 800 metres, our love for our homeland of Roussillon flourished.


In 2001, after gaining professional experience in Barcelona and Paris, we chose to return to Roussillon to take up the torch of our family's wine-growing business, aided by a long-time friend, Laurent de Besombes-Singla. Together, we developed our passion for the many varieties of grape native to Roussillon that draw their roots in the very best terroirs.

In 2008, concerned about climate change and guided by the desire to produce fresher wines, we embarked upon a quest for high-altitude terroirs...


The discovery of a Terroir forgotten in the mountains ...

Our quest led us to an old, preserved vineyard with an exceptional ampelographic collection (more than twenty-five varieties of grape!), totally out of sight from the main roads, near the village of Tarerach: the Ropidaria plateau, rising more than 500 metres high opposite Mount Canigou, overlooking the Roussillon plains and the Mediterranean Sea.


At the heart of this vineyard, which enjoys remarkable climate conditions with elevated sunshine, more regular rainfall, and high temperature ranges, we discovered the benefits of slower-ripening grapes, sheltered from disease and oxidation and protected from water stress.


These vines, cultivated by the best winegrowers according to the principles of ecologically responsible agriculture, yield wines of unmatched freshness – supple or even fluid from earliest youth – with naturally moderated degrees and a gentle minerality drawn from the salty nature of the granite and quartz soils.


These ancient grapes bring out authentic-tasting typicities! And so was born MAISON ALBERA…


3 Médailles au Concours International des "GRENACHES DU MONDE" 2024...

GdM 2024_carré.jpg
Hachette 2023.jpg

The HACHETTE 2023 Guide stars our high-altitude vintages...

Emoció n°4

Facing Les Albères, a historic GRENACHE BLANC vineyard

A surprising PHOTOVOLTAIC shade house

A generous and UNIQUE white wine!

Emocio n°4 & Vine Photo BR.jpg

The HACHETTE 2022 Guide distinguishes our “Pelut” and our “Rosé des Cimes”

A great reward for this atypical and authentic vintage...

Gold medal at the International Grenaches du Monde Competition for our “Pelut”

A great reward for this atypical and authentic vintage...

PELUT gdm OR.jpg

In the press


RVF June 2021_pic.jpg
The French Wine Review

“A small Eldorado which aims to safeguard the vines of this sector which has remained wild. »


Wine Lands

“Terroirs of granite arenas always giving straight and frank juices”.


The Five of Wine

“Alexandre and Fabrice have produced wines that are very fresh, very digestible and which stand out from our region's generally more powerful wines. ".

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