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Character :

Fresh, generous and deep

Special features:

Facing Les Albères, a historic GRENACHE BLANC vineyard

A surprising PHOTOVOLTAIC shade house

A generous and UNIQUE white wine!

Upon discovering the revolutionary photovoltaic shade project by Pierre Escudié, whose family has been working these Aspres lands for nearly 200 years, we immediately imagined that our quest for freshness and slow maturity would find an original and unique answer here, expressed in liquid words like this Emoció n°4 vintage, fresh, generous and deep.

Food and Wine Pairings:

Remarkable on vanilla lobsters, or buttered scallops.


  • TERROIR Quaternary Alluvial Terraces

    VARIETY 100% Grenache Blanc

    DEGREE 13%

    2021 VINTAGE

    IGP APPELLATION Côtes Catalanes

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